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About US

www.nobobarta.com is one of the most popular Bangla news portals in Bangladesh. It’s a multimedia platform for news, opinion, and entertainment. It’s a 24/7/365 platform to keep the readers and audience updated with each moment’s national and international developments.


Officially launched on October 31, 2013, www.nobobarta.com is aiming to engaging Bangla speaking people within the territory and beyond by publishing news and views for them, of them and by them. This user-friendly platform is responsive to all small, medium and large screens.


Any user who posts any comment on this page that is a violation of Section 57 of the ICT ACT, 2006 or any other provisions of laws applicable in respect of electronic communication shall be liable to prosecution in accordance with the law and shall be subjected to the punishment of not less than 7 years imprisonment. The Other relevant Law of the Land will be simultaneously enacted if it finds any breach to the CRPC of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.


Breaking Stories, News and Views on Current Political, Social and Economic Affairs, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Education, Health, Climate and Environment, Religions, and others.

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