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Maulana Bhasani’s 44th death anniversary today

Maulana Bhasani’s 44th death anniversary today

Today is the 44th death anniversary of Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani, a legendary politician and dreamer of Bangladesh’s independence. Marking the day, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University in Tangail, political parties and social organisations have planned elaborate events.

Wreaths will be placed at his grave at Tangail’s Santosh in the morning. Other programmes include doa and milad mahfils, food distribution and discussion on the life and works of the leader. He was born in 1880 at Dhangara village in Sirajganj.The brave and devoted leader worked relentlessly and spent almost his entire life for the oppressed masses, which earned him the title “Mazlum Jana Neta” or the leader of the oppressed.

His belief in the secular struggle for Bangladesh was unequivocal. Bhasani was immensely influential throughout his political career and instrumental in winning many general and local government elections since 1946. He was the founder of the Awami Muslim League in 1949, which later became Awami League. In 1957, he formed a progressive political organisation named National Awami Party.

Bhasani also fought against the oppression of Pakistani rulers. He played a significant role in the 1969 mass movement against Ayub Khan’s autocratic rule. During the Liberation War, he worked as the chairman of All Party Action Committee under the Bangladesh government in exile in India.

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Bhasani led the historic Farakka Long March in May 1976. The “leader of the oppressed” passed away on this day that very year.

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